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John Stockbridge's Journal

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
10:17 pm - sorrow sorrow black horror
No doubt I'm mealy one of many people expressing our sorrow, horror and anger at what has occurred in the US in the last 24 hours... I know I had no sleep last night I stayed up and watch events unfold in NY and Washington...

I'm exactly 12 hours ahead of NY and all the Australian TV stations broke into programming to start broadcasting live footage from NBC and CNN (which continued all night) shortly after 9:30pm here.

I ended up travelling to my ex-housemates house and we watched in horror together... our horror was matched only by our disbelief and anger. Time for some Australian style peace keeping missions... where the blue hats shoot back.

(to my american friends... do what is necessary to stop this ever happening again)

current mood: shocked

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Thursday, August 30th, 2001
10:58 am - junk e-mail and flash
Somewhere some time... I've gotten onto a bulk e-mail list again. This last few days been flooded with offers from all the usual junk emailers... *sigh* what a pain in the ... umm well yes...

In other news I've working on a flash promo for my EVE-ONLINE beta test group Angel Constellation (AC)... its about 40 seconds and 260Kb at the moment. The loading message doesn't loop (as it should) and it doesn't stop at the end (as it will) it just re-loops... takes about a minute to load (if your interested) http://tinmouse.3laws.com/AC-promo.html


The Flash is now 290Kb and does wait while it loads and loops when it should and everthing! Its still not finished... need to fill out the mission profiles a little more... hmmm and thought?


current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, August 19th, 2001
2:37 pm - s l o w i n g . . . .
Everything is slow today, my computer, the Internet, my brain, my (somewhat limited) wit.

My life has been on hold the last week or so... hence my lack of posts to the journal. Finally regained control of my domain name ( www.3laws.com ) by authorizing myself (as administrator) to release the password key to myself... what fun.. had to fax a signed authority form too... :)

Now all I have to do is find a suitable host for it. Planning to eventually find a paid host but looking for a FREE one at the moment. Anyone know of a FREE host with SQL & PHP support?? If you do please drop me a comment ok?

In other news... my housemate (dave) is moving to the East Coast of Australia in a month or so, following his family when they relocate there..... so have to do the housemate search thing all over again... *sigh* how I'm looking forward to that...


current mood: apathetic

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Saturday, August 4th, 2001
8:19 pm - must see tv!!! (well flash)

If you watch no other FLASH-INTRO this year.... watch this one!

current mood: amused

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2:48 am - Mary had a little lamb....
A friend sent me this poem.

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was slightly grey,
It didn't have a father, just some borrowed DNA.
It sort of had a mother, though the ovum was on loan,
It was not so much a lambkin, as a little lab clone.
And soon it had a fellow clone, and soon it had some more,
They followed her to school one day, all cramming through the door.

It made the children laugh and sing, the teachers found it droll,
There were too many lamby clones, for Mary to control.
No other could control the sheep, since their programs didn't vary,
So the scientists resolved it all, by simply cloning Mary.
But now they feel quite sheepish, those scientists unwary,
One problem solved, but what to do, with Mary, Mary, Mary...

current mood: amused

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001
7:35 pm - TV trauma... its all so hard to go on!!
Its been a very traumatic time here the last few days... but to share it with you is to relieve a deep dark secret shame... ( god I can see you all perk up with attention with that kind of dark curiosity that has people slowing down when passing an accident scene)

Yes ... buffy and angel have finished for the season. Can life go on the same now? The simple answer is of course there is no simple answer... it can't go on the same (buffy dead from closing the inter dimensional portal (lets see the spell checker handle that one!))... we will just have bare this terrible burden and go on. Getting up in the morning, breathing in, breathing out... one moment to the next. Its something we all have to cope with alone.. but hold that bright shinny truth up before you, no matter how distant, the series WILL return. It must.

I can say no more tonight... I just need to be alone for awhile.
*someone hug me*

current mood: depressed

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2001
2:43 am - two days past... a review
hello all... old friends new friends... (specially WickedOne - who's journal originally got me interested in maintaining my own... not that I think I have much of any 'real' interest to share... but then... have you read her journal *grin* no no - just joking really sherryl *grin* or *ccc* as my Chinese friends say). Well as per usual my last few days have been slow...

LET-ME-STAY-FOR-A-DAYis this guy nuts or what??
:: Travelling the world based on web offers of somewhere to stay when he gets there??!!?? Yep - that's right.. at this very moment this guy is in England (or is it Scotland). He updates his website and travel journal (and one presumes makes his travel arrangements) via the computers available to him at his 'guested' locations. Reading of his travel offers in Western Australia (as far as I could see - all outback mining towns *grin* wonder if he knows that *bigger grin*) took pity and offer him a place to stay in Perth... (WA capital and city of 2 million... half the states population). You just gota admire the guys guts!

Parts arrived for a PC I'm fixing (modem, mouse and sound card) so rebuilding that system tonight. Read more...Collapse )

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, July 30th, 2001
4:58 am - lives of Sundays lost...
ok so the subject title doesn't make a lot of sense... I apologies, it does, however, 'feel' right to me for some reason. Perhaps its just been that kind of weekend.

I was living vicariously through my housemates love life.. but today he announced he had broken up with his girlfriend (who was such a nice girl) He's 21 and she was 18 with a 2m old baby... (no not his). They were doing cute stuff together like shopping for clothes and holding hands... *sigh* all things long missing from my life. (will they ever return I often ponder on this very subject. Perhaps 36 is too old for such things... *big sigh*) It appears she found it too much to manage both a relationship and a 2m old baby... pity - they say they will remain friends and perhaps try again at a later date.

Hmmm thought I'd share a few bits of hard-won product-gold with you all... whats the cheapest CE windows device that can handle a type II pcmica card (thus use a STD 802.11b 11Mbs wireless network card)? Read more...Collapse )

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, July 28th, 2001
4:39 pm - another day.... another life time
...well hasn't the last few days been dragging on (well for me it has). Funny it should seem that way with all the time I've spent immersed in the web tracking down components and prices. Maybe I've surfed out??? (*frown* no can't be that *grin*)

INTERNATIONAL E-SHOPPING :: finding e-shops that ship internationally is usually hard enough without then trying to locate the best prices as well. I've found www.pricegrabber.com and www.mysimon.com quite good for this as you can specify only to show international shippers. Another GREAT resource was www.pricewatch.com which lists the cheapest prices for many things... but then you still have to mess around to find who ships international...

:: Other than that I've been checking out the weekly update at www.eve-online.com . Its openning for beta soon and the beta-group I'm involved with (angel constellation) is hoping to get the whole corporation (eve's squad/clan/group) into the beta AS a group. WHAT AN AMAZING GAME THIS WILL BE!!!... beta testing rumored to start Sept and last around 6 months. Our Corp has someone in the ALPHA test group and so far he's pretty impressed! Game commercial release expected to be early 2002.

:: beta testing has finished for Jumpgate. It has launched commercially in Europe with stress testing finishing shortly in USA. WOW was a ride while it lasted. Great game... check it out... first 5 days are free in the commercial version. The 3D enviroment you find yourself immersed in has to be seen to be believed! It was alot of fun being involved in the beta test and while EVE-ONLINE looks like it will eclipse Jumpgate we will have to see if they can deliver..

That is ALL

current mood: apathetic

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